Fab-Worx Industrial


Details Make the Difference

With our 50,000 square feet facility on over 9 acres, we are the premier full-service fabricator for any size project.

Our Assets and Equipment :

  • 3 Iron Workers – up to 6″x6″x3/8″ Angle
  • MIG, TIG, Flux-core
  • 8-5 Ton Overhead Cranes
  • 15 Ton Crane Capacity
  • CNC drill line
  • CNC Angle line
  • Plate Rolling 10′ wide x 1/2″ thick 
  • Plate shear 10’ wide x ¾” thick
  • Press brake 11’ wide x 5/8” thick
  • Angle and pipe rolling
  • 10’x40′ CNC Plasma Cutting Table
  • 25 Employees: 4 Office Staff, 21 Shop Employees.
  • In-House Detailing
  • Galvanizing Facility (6-7 miles from fab shop)
  • Sandblast and Paint Capabilities On-site

Areas Of Focus

Our Facility is over 50,000 square feet and sits on over 9 acres. We will be your full-service fabricator.

  • Ladders, Platforms, Stairs, and Handrails
  • Structural Columns and Beams
  • API 650/653 Tank Construction
  • Miscellaneous Pipe Supports
  • Equipment Skid Packages, Pipe Racks

Fab-Worx provides specially designed pipe supports

Our designs are only limited by the imagination of the engineer and designer, as literally thousands of different designs have been used for special purposes.


The correct and economical selection of the supports for a piping system is critical task. Our pipe supports are devices which transfer the loads from the pipe or the structural attachment to the supporting structure or equipment.


These include fabricated pipe supports, adjustable pipe supports, clamp with shim blocks, shim blocks, slide plate assemblies and u-bolt assemblies. Additionally, we provide structural fabrication to include: walkways, cage ladders, stairs, platforms, handrails, anchor bolts/plates and skids.


Representatives of L&T Valves

 FWPP represents the comprehensive line of L&T Valves for O&G, Pipeline, Petrochemical and Power. 

L&T Triple offset butterfly valves are designed and monogramed to API 609. The valves are fire safe to API 607 and ISO10497 in preferred and non-preferred direction. The Valves are typically used in High Temperature, Cryogenic, and Steam service. L&T Triple Offset Butterfly valves comply to SIL3 Safety Integrity Level to IEC 6150.

We offer a complete line of Cryogenic gate, globe, and check valves designed to ASME B16.34, BS6364 and ISO 28921.  Our Cryogenic Valves are successfully tested to Shell Design Validation Test procedure 77/300 and witnessed by Shell inspectors. We comply to Fugitive Emissions ISO15848-1. Cryogenic Valves are tested in-house up to 60” at -196 degrees c as per BS 6364.